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Beginner Weightlifting Guide

Beginner Weightlifting Routine

Let's start by defining what you want from your workout program. For example, do you want to lose weight, increase your stamina, or just be basically fit and healthy? Since this is the beginning workout discussion, we'll assume that you desire all of the above, within realistic expectations. If you consider yourself out of shape at this moment, it may appear to be a very steep climb to reach your fitness goals.


Although we are focusing more on cardiovascular excercises here, remember that your workout program needs to be combined with your weight lifting and weight loss programs to be truly effective. This does not mean you must punish yourself to be fit. By using a balanced approach you can go at a moderate pace, with less time spent on each activity. You will enjoy it more and actually enhance your results.


OK, you are ready to start working out, but what should you do first? Take a good assesment of your overall condition. Are you in fairly good shape, a little out of shape or are you at ground zero? In order to choose a program you must decide what activities you are capable of doing and how hard you can perform them.

You do not want to burn out to quickly and never try again or injure yourself and not be able to continue. Also, you need to list what is actually available for you to do. Can you join a club or buy some equipment? Is there a safe place to walk or run? Are there tennis courts and a partner available. Do you enjoy basketball or golf?

Steady As She Goes

Workout programs come and go, along with the goals and the commitment it takes to achieve them. As you plan and begin your workout program, choose activities that you will enjoy and physically be able to do. It is much easier to move up a notch or find a tougher activity than it is to keep at an unpleasant task. After all, you have chosen to undertake this activity to improve your life.

Steadiness is the key to successful conditioning, so choose a workout program that you can stick with. Remember, every day that you workout you are better than you were the day before.

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