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How To Build Biceps

Bicep exercises tips and techniques:

BARBELL BICEPS CURL-Standing with your feet a little less than shoulder width and holding the bar with your hands at about shoulder width curl the bar towards your chest. Make sure your elbows stay still and at your side at all times and do not arch your back. Curl the bar all the way to your chest concentrating only on using your biceps and not your back.

SEATED DUMBELL CURLS- In a seated position start with your arms hanging and your knuckles pointing outward. Curl one arm at a time, twisting your hands so your thumbs are pointing outward when you have curled all the way to your shoulder. Really make sure you twist your wrists as far as they can go so you peak your bicep, this will grow your bicep into a desirable peak. After curling return the dumbbell to the start position and repeat.

CONCENTRATION CURLS- With one dumbbell in hand position your feet a little more than shoulder width apart, and bend at the waist so your back is parallel to the ground. With one dumbbell in hand and the other hand positioned on your knee for support curl the dumbbell to you shoulder twisting your wrist outward to peak the muscle. Keep your elbow in the same place at all times.

PREACHER CURL- Using a preacher bench, curl a bar to your shoulders, this exercise works the lower bicep.

HAMMER CURL- In the hammer curl you have two dumbbells curling them one at a time, either seated or standing. You must have your knuckles pointed outward through the whole exercise.

Cable bicep exercises can be performed in many different ways, hitting the bicep muscle all over.

Remember when working the biceps to really try to peak the muscle, this will give your bicep a rounded peaked look.

Before doing bicep exercises make sure to stretch.

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