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Best Calf Muscle Exercises

Calf exercise tips and techniques:

STANDING HEEL RAISES- There many variations to this exercise. You can use calf the machine exercise, place a bar behind your neck, have a dumbbell in your hand or no weight at all. It's best to get on a platform at least 2 inches tall with the front of your foot supporting your weight and your heel in the air. Push your heel up as far as it can go and stop for second or two then return to the starting position.

CALF PRESS- Using the leg press machine, position your feet so the front of your toe is going to push the weight and your heel is in the air. Lock your knees and push the weight with your toes, pushing your toes foward as far as they can go, stop for a second or two and then return to the starting position.

SEATED HEEL RAISES- This is the same concept as standing heel raises, but of course you are sitting with your calves pushing the weight up that is sitting on your knees.

When doing calf exercises it is important to change your toe position from straight to toes pointed out, to toes pointed in. Doing this will work all parts of the calf.

Also calf exercises can be performed everyday.

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