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Weight Lifting for Chest

Chest muscle building exercises with tips and techniques:

BENCH PRESS- lie on the bench with your back flat not arching(a tip to keep your back from arching and making sure your chest does most of the work is to lift you feet off the ground so they are pointed to the ceiling), inhale when taking the weight down to your chest and exhale when lifting the weight off your chest, vary grip from narrow to wide to work your inner and outer parts of your chest, never extend your arms fully when pushing the weight up so as to keep constant pressure on your chest muscle, use a spotter for safety and to get the most out of each set.

DUMBBELL PRESS- lie with back flat on the bench, push dumbbells up leaving about 6 inches of seperation between them, when bringing weight down bring forearms and upper arms to a 90 degree angle.

DUMBBELL FLYES- lie with back flat on the bench, arms slightly bent and in a locked position, starting with the weight over head bring the weight down slowly so each dumbbell is lined with your head and then bring weight back up.(great for inner chest)

CABLE CROSSOVERS- With one foot foward for balance bring the cables down in front of you until they are about even with your stomach, keeping your arms slightly bent and in a locked position.(you can vary the cables from high to low, with low cable crossovers working the upper chest and high cable crossovers working the lower chest)

PECH DECK- consentrate on the using the chest muscle solely in this exercise.

INCLINE PRESS- you can use either barbell or dumbells, this works the upper chest.

DECLINE PRESS- either barbell or dumbbells, works the lower chest muscle.

INCLINE or DECLINE FLYES- inline is very good for the inner upper chest, while decline is very good for inner lower chest

DIPS- works the lower outer part of chest, make sure you lean forward to work your chest and not vertical which works your tricep.

PULL OVERS- With your body perpendicular to the bench, lie your back on the bench so it is even with the side of the bench and your feet are on the ground with butt hanging in the air, take one dumbbell with both hands and lower it over the head inhaling at the same time, from that position pull the weight over so it is directly above your chest making sure to exhale when pulling up.(works at making the chest fuller)

SEATED MACHINE PRESS- from a seated position you push the seperated handles of the machine from the sides of your chest to in front of your torso, the handles will move inward so the handles end up about 6 inches apart when your arms are fully extended. ( very good machine for a chest workout)

Make sure you stretch before doing any of these chest exercises.

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