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Weight Training & Weight Lifting for Shoulders

Best shoulder exercises tips and techniques:

Since bench pressing is such a popular exercise and works the chest along with the shoulders and triceps, the shoulder gets a good workout from bench pressing, especially the front part of the shoulder. However, here are some other shoulder exercises that work all over the shoulder.

STANDING SIDE DUMBBELL RAISES- A basic exercise were you raise dumbbells to face level keeping your elbows locked.

SHOULDER PRESS WITH BARBELL- You can use a Smith machine or a free barbell. In a seated position bring the barbell behind the neck until it touches the shoulders, from there push up and repeat.

SHOULDER PRESS WITH DUMBBELLS- Same basic movement as the barbell press.

BENTOVER DUMBBELL RAISES- Seated or standing, making sure your back points towards the ceiling and arms hanging, lift dumbbells with elbows slightly bent to shoulder height.(These are great for rear delts)These can also be performed with cables.

ONE ARMED CABLE LATERALS- With the cable set low grab the handle with the opposite hand so your arm crosses your body. With your arm just slightly bent raise the cable until it is even with your shoulder.

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