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Best Tricep Workout

Best tricep exercises tips and techniques:

The tricep is used alot when lifting weights. Any type of pushing motion whether it be bench pressing, push ups, or the military press works the tricep muscle.

Lets look at more specific tricep exercises.

NARROW GRIP BENCH PRESS- Taking the normal position on your back when bench pressing, grip the bar so your hands are about 6 to 12 inches apart, and then do a normal bench press. Make sure you concentrate on using your tricep muscles to push the bar. This exercise also works the inner chest.

TRICEP DIPS- Keep your body in a vertical position to work the tricep, the more your body leans foward the more you use your chest. Concentrate on pushing your body up with only your triceps.

TRICEP KICKBACKS- With one knee and the same hand balancing on a bench, and a dumbbell in the other hand extend your forearm out until your arm is completely straight, concentrating solely on using your tricep.

TRICEP PRESSDOWNS- With a bar for two hands or a handle for just one hand, and keeping your elbow fairly still, push your hands or hand down. The starting position should be just above your waist.There are a few variations to this tricep exercise, like pushing your hand out away from you, or using a rope instead of a bar or handle.

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